Morrissey advertises for a new book publisher on fan site

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Morrissey is as eccentric as he ever was and his latest attempt to find a publisher proves it. He mentioned on his best known fan site that a current deal in place with publishers Warner-Chappell has just expired and he has essentiallyplaced an ad for a new publisher on the fan site.

Morrissey has been known to regularly chat with his fans on true-to-you.net, which has the tagline "A Morrissey Zine", and he often takes part in frank exchanges. A post titled Publishing on the site reads as follows: "Morrissey's 30-year publishing term with Warner-Chappell Music has come to an end. If any publishing company has any interest in making a new offer for Morrissey's solo and Smiths catalogues, they should please contact ivoryenquiries@outlook.com.".

Morrissey has a new single out called Earth is the Loneliest Planet and his long time friend Pamela Anderson stars in the music video. The single is off of his new album World Peace Is None of Your Business which is due out in July.

Morrissey's autobiography was famously printed instantly as a Penguin classic on its release in October 2013. The book was a number 1 bestseller but it received mixed reviews with some calling it a masterpiece and others saying it was too self-indulgent.

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