Morrissey tickets are on sale NOW

Just a quick one to start the day: you may or may not know that Morrissey is doing a short UK tour in the summer. Well the tickets have literally just gone on sale (at 9am this morning), so you need to be quick if you want to get your hands on them.

Moz is keeping his tour, which kicks off in the middle of June, up in the provincial towns he sung about on The Smiths famous single ‘Panic’, with no gigs in the major cities and only one south of Manchester. However, if you happen to live nearby, or fancy the trip to Scotland, we recommend it; this Morrissey chap is quite good, we hear.

The dates are below, so should you wish to purchase a ticket, click on this link here.

  • Perth City Hall (June 15)
  • Inverness Ironworks (17)
  • Dunoon Queens Hall (18)
  • Dunfermline Alhambra Theatre (20)
  • Hawick Town Hall (21)
  • Grimsby Auditorium (24)
  • York Barbican (25)
  • Bradford St George's Hall (27)
  • Plymouth Pavilions (30)

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