Morrissey walks off stage after being hit with missile

Just a couple of weeks after cutting short a gig in Swindon due to breathing problems, Morrissey has again hit the headlines for failing to finish a gig. The former Smiths front man walked off the stage in Liverpool last night after someone threw a plastic beer glass in his direction.

The 50-year-old pulled the plug on the gig at the Liverpool Echo Arena after he appeared to have been hit with a plastic object thrown from the crowd midway through the second song of his set. Fans were left waiting for 15 minutes before a crew member announced that Morrissey would not be returning to the stage.

The announcement did not go down well with the sellout crowd with one audience member telling The Guardian: "Everyone just turned to each other in disbelief. At £35 to £45 a ticket, all we got was one song and a half." However, a spokesperson for Morrissey has confirmed that concert-goers will receive a full refund.

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