Morrissey walks off stage in Poland after fan abuses him over cancer diagnosis

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Legendary singer Morrissey was forced to walk off stage in the middle of a concert in Poland after a fan abused him over his cancer diagnosis. Morrissey is currently in the middle of a European tour and was on stage in Warsaw when the incident occurred.

The concert was in progress for less than 30 minutes when one fan reportedly hurled abusive comments at the singer which related to the treatment Morrissey is currently undergoing for cancer. He revealed recently that he has had treatment for "cancerous tissues four times already" before adding "Whatever. If I die, then I die. And if I don't, then I don't. Right now I feel good."

Tour promoter Live Nation posted an explanatory statement on their Facebook page which read "During today’s Morrissey concert at Stodola Club in Warsaw one of the members of the audience standing close to the stage directed extremely offensive and chauvinistic words to the artist. This forced the artist to leave the stage."

Fans at the show were bitterly disappointed by the turn of events with @Suedehead1990 tweeting "Feel sorry for the #Morrissey fans in Poland tonight. There's always 1 arsehole that ruins it for everybody? and @MOZISMYSHEPHERD tweeting "Nothing worse than that one Dick at a Morrissey Show- feel bad for the people there. #sorry".

Live Nation has reportedly offered anybody who attended the Warsaw show free entry to his next gig in Poland, which takes place in Krakow tonight, as a form of compensation. Morrissey will continue with his tour which sees him appear in Berlin, London, Dublin, Belgrade, Athens and Istanbul among other cities over the next month.

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