Move over Handel, here's Hendrix

No direct comparisons between the two musicians need to be made, considering one was a German-British Baroque composer and the other used to hold a tab of LSD under his bandana whilst jamming on his guitar. However, the tiny flat in central London where one Jimi Hendrix lived in the 'sixties will soon be open to the public as part of the forthcoming 'Hendrix in Britain' exhibition, despite it currently being used as a museum dedicated to Handel.

Despite George Frederic Handel having made the flat at 23 Brook Street his own whilst living there in the eighteenth century, the space will be cleared to make way for Hendrix's clothes, posters and guitars, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of his death, NME reports.

Hendrix's friend and recording engineer Roger Mayer believes that the flat isn't big at all but that 'in London this is central. Bond Street, South Molton Street, [legendary club] the Speakeasy was not far away. You don't really find many big places around here!'

Meanwhile, Handel House museum staff might find it a luxury compared to the former composer's attic, which they will have to use as an office whilst the exhibition takes place.

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