Mull Of Kin-hire

If you ever fancied owning a genuine piece of music memorabilia then this could well be your chance. Unfortunately you will need £3 million but jeez, you’ll be able to gloat to your friends about it.

Sir Paul McCartney had a monster hit with his bagpipe warbler 1977 tune Mull Of Kintyre, written about the area of Scotland where he lived at the time, but he’s now decided to up-sticks and put the entire estate on the market. Priced at a very reasonable £2.95m, your money will buy the 7,360-acre Carskiey Estate which comes with the Edwardian home the Big Mac lived in and no less than nine, that’s nine miles of private coastline.

If you’re not interested already, then get your goggle-eyes on the music vid for the original song below. Warning! Bagpipers not included.

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