Mumford & Sons broaden their sound with Babel

Mumford & Sons return with a new album, Babel, and a belligerent attitude to critics and cynics. While they have been enjoying their immense global success over the last two years, they are aware that there has been a substantial amount of scepticism about their authenticity given their privileged backgrounds.

Ben Lovett of the band told The Sun: "The cynics can just all f**k off. We think this new record will attract a different audience, which is really exciting. And broaden people's view of us". "We have made so many sacrifices and we’ve not taken the easiest route," claims bassist Ted Dwayne. "And so I hope people do understand where we are coming from because it’s a good place, not a capitalistic venture at all."

On first listen, Babel is not a huge departure from the successful folk-rock formulas of their debut Sigh No More, but the band insist it is more varied in its styles and themes.

"We wanted our second album to be an advert for our live shows,” singer Marcus Mumford said. “That's why it's more of a mixture than the first record. I’ll tour until I’m dead as that’s where we are most at home. And I hope that's come across on Babel."

Several of the songs have already been played live in embryo form. With some of the lyrics inspired by the Booker Prize winner Hilary Mantel, Babel is an ambitious record, but familiar enough to retain the loyalty of fervent fans like the Prime Minister David Cameron.

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