Mumford & Sons to play fundraiser for AFC Wimbledon

Few things are as heart-warming as when a band comes out and financially supports their football team, especially when it’s a little football team, owned by its fans, that needs all the help it can get.

So three cheers for drab folk merchants Mumford & Sons, who are going to play a fundraising gig for AFC Wimbledon, who are supported by two members of the band. The show will take place next Monday at the New Wimbledon Theatre, and tickets are on sale now for £35-£45. Go to their website for more details.

‘Many a time on their travels Mumford & Sons have been posed the question, in various forms, what are their inspirations, what makes them tick, what lays at the beating heart of the band?’ said the band on their site. ‘Well the answer to that question could probably be summarised in the following threefold manner; a love of music, friendship, football.

‘When a team that lies particularly close to the hearts of two members of the band – AFC Wimbledon – approached them to enquire if they'd play a show to raise funds for the club (which is on the verge of a return to the football league) they were only too happy to oblige.’

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