Mumfords cancel festival dates

Much consternation at 10 Downing Street as Sam has to break it to David Cameron that his beloved public-school folk band Mumford & Sons have cancelled their festival shows in Scandinavia. Apparently Marcus Mumford has broken a thread on his favourite waistcoat.

Actually the official line is that Marcus has broken his hand, although it’s not revealed whether hid did this fly-fishing, playing polo or waving a flag too vigorously at the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. The Danes and the Swedes will have to make do without their fix of posh balladry, although the band hope to fulfil the remainder of their festival dates across Europe.

The band is releasing a DVD of the documentary Big Easy Express on July 24. The film recorded their experiences on the road during their US tour in 2011 when they travelled in a vintage railcar across the States.

The new album is released on September 24, and finds the band at a significant point in their career, where initial success has created a certain amount of commercial expectation.

"There's no pressure," Ben Lovett said. "We're just a band from London. The fact that the first record did well was great, but it didn't make our lives. It's just a by-product of what we do, which is record music and play gigs."

They certainly don’t offer exciting quotes. Perhaps they have learned their lesson from an earlier interview, when a stray remark invented the entirely fictional new genre of "doom-folk". That’s the thing about buying a decent education: those public schools do instil a wicked sense of humour.

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