Mumma mia tickets are now available for London and Manchester theatres!

Want to watch one of the most popular musicals that gets everybody singing? Purchase your Mumma Mia tickets now!

Inspired by some of ABBAs greatest hits, Mumma Mia is Catherine Johnson’s brilliantly funny and moving story about a young woman’s quest to find her father on the eve of her Greek Island wedding. She invites the three men that her mother met there decades ago to come to the wedding.

Here is a brief synopsis: Sophie wants her father to walk her down the aisle, but doesn’t know who he is. She discovers her mother’s old diary and finds entries which describe intimate dates with three men and sends each an invitation to her wedding in the guise of her mother, Donna. Meanwhile, her mother, Donna, is busy making the marriage preparations for her daughter and three men from her past arrive on the eve of the wedding!

The plot is dramatic, entertaining and humourous and is sure to appeal to many. Enjoy some musical moments with hit numbers from ABBA such as Dancing queen, Super Trooper, Take a Chance on me and Mamma Mia.

Buy your tickets online through websites such as UKtickets. Mumma Mia tickets are at a great price, there is no booking fee and exclusive prices are included.  The tickets are available for Prince of Wales Theatre in London and the Manchester Palace Theatre. Mumma Mia is good for late junior school, secondary school and college age kids…and anyone who likes ABBA.

The Manchester Palace Theatre is one of the UK’s most popular and successful playhouses. The venue has received countless major touring productions, and has staged ballet, opera and numerous one-nighters and charity events, so this is a great location to watch Mumma Mia!

The website is fairly easy to use, from selecting the musical play of your choice and selecting which date and how many tickets would be required. The website checks availability of the date and tells you depending on where you want to sit how much your ticket will cost. Ticket prices vary from where you would want to be seated, from as cheap as £27 to £71 where there are more premium seats to get a better view and enjoy the action!

So why not enjoy and spoil yourselves by watching this brilliant musical which will make you stick to your seats!

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