OK! OK! We hold our hands up on this story, we know it's absolute tabloid tittle-tattle but we’re running with it anyway. The Sun are reporting that the lead singer/screacher [both appropriate] of Muse, Matt Bellamy is in the process of buying an apartment with his new girlfriend Kate Hudson.

As is par for the course with tabloid tittle-tattle, details are almost non-existent. That is unless you include a credible ‘source’ who says something like this: ‘they're very loved-up, they just click. Kate's had a place in the city for five years but she wants somewhere bigger, so Matt's suggested pooling their resources. Kate wants a studio for Matt and playroom for her son, Ryder.’

It was recently reported that Matt was a bag of nerves at the thought of meeting Kate’s mother. You may know her...Goldie Hawn? No?

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