Muse take MTV off air with giant UFO

This is either one of the finest pieces of free publicity since Jesus turned water into wine or someone made a massive accidental cock-up. It was Germany’s biggest music festival, the Rock AM Ring at the weekend and England’s very own prog-rock trio Muse were the headline act on the main stage. But while the kids were enjoying their barnstorming performance people at home all across Europe were enjoying quite the opposite, thanks a to a huge technical hitch.

During Muse’s set a huge UFO prop was brought out, but because the prop was so goddamn big it managed to block the MTV Europe TV signal, taking the entire channel off air and interrupting viewers' enjoyment of Slayer on the other stage (we say enjoyment, we’re being optimistic, obviously).

Off course we'd post a video of the incident but there would be nothing to see but a super massive black hole.

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