Music festival turns murderous

T in the Park ended last night on a dangerous note (F sharp?), as two young men were found with serious injuries at the close of the festival. The 20 year-olds were found just outside the main arena, as Kasabian were performing.

The Police made a plea for revellers who might have film evidence, to make contact, 'This has been a particularly disturbing incident where two men have sustained very serious injuries. This was the time when the majority of campers were making their way back to the campsite following the closure of the arena entertainment. It's possible some campers may have captured vital images of the incident on cameras or mobile phones, and a number of others will have witnessed the assault. I would urge anyone who witnessed these incidents take place, or anyone who may have photographs or footage of the incident, to get in touch with us.'

In an unrelated incident, a teenager is in a critical condition after falling from a flagpole in the main arena.

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