Musical Top Trumps?

In a world swamped by lock-jawed pop stars thicker than plantpots and slaves to their PR scripts, it's refreshing when someone with some grey matter between their ears speaks their mind. It's also worth pricking up your ears and having a listen.

The Verve’s frontman Richard Ashcroft, AKA Mad Richard, is about to release his band ‘United Nations Of Sound’s debut album, and to help generate a few extra column inches he’s laid into the current state of the UK music scene. He told the Daily Star: ‘there’s a blueprint now and it’s very boring. You see albums coming out now and there are 15 different people on it. It’s Top Trumps music. 'I’m going to Top Trump you with how many guests I’ve got.’

Is that a dig at Gorillaz? We think it is. Damon, the next move is yours. United Nations Of Sound's album ‘Redemption’ drops on the 19th July.

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