Musicians awarded in Queen’s Birthday Honours list

We’ve all known for years that the Queen’s birthday honours list is at best a bit of fun, at worst a joke involving anyone who’s appeared on TV and wants to justify an MBE or OBE (such as Prof. Brian Cox) rather than the real troopers doing real jobs that make a real difference who are awarded now't because they’re not famous. Rant over. Anyway, it was the Queen’s Birthday Honours at the weekend and a couple of noteworthy musicians bagged a medal each.

Velvet Underground stalwart John Cale will now be known as John Cale OBE as well The Hollies guitar man Graham Nash (Graham Nash OBE not John Cale OBE). Graham Nash, who has since become a US citizen told the BBC that although he now lives Stateside he’s more than proud to be English: ‘everything I learned about being a decent human being I learned in England and I am grateful to be honoured by the country of my birth.’

The front page name of the list was Welsh country girl-done-good Catherine Zeta-Jones and her surprise CBE [insert should be a Dame for marrying Michael Douglas joke here].

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