Mutya hints at original Sugababes reunion

Former Sugababe Mutya Buena has blasted the girl group's new line-up which features none of the popular band's original members and hinted at the possibility of the founding members reforming.

Buena – who founded the group with Keisha Buchanan and Siobhan Donaghy back in 1998- said that she was "disappointed" following Buchanan's dismissal from the band to make way for Eurovision flop Jade Ewen, 21.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly on GMTV, Buena said: "Personally, I just don't think the Sugababes is the Sugababes any more. I mean, it would be different if Keisha had stayed in it and someone else had gone - then it would be the Sugababes. But, wow, I suppose now there's no original Sugababes we should just all re-form again."

The singer continued: "I'm actually quite disappointed. Obviously the brand name of Sugababes will always carry on. But to say like there's no original in the Sugababes, it just kind of puts it down a bit."

Buena also speculated about a reunion with her former band mates: "Well, you know, we're all grown up. I haven't been with the Sugababes for so long, and, you know, I've had my years of growing up and learning about what I want in life and getting to look after my daughter. So hooking up with the rest of the girls - I think that could be an amazing idea, definitely."

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