My Bloody Valentine reissue their classics

Christmas has come early for lovers of classic noise-washed indie pop, with the news that My Bloody Valentine are releasing remastered versions of their revered early 90s albums Loveless and Isn’t Anything. The band’s leader Kevin Shields is even talking about making some new music.

Loveless, released in 1991, involved such a lengthy and complex recording process that it was rumoured to have almost bankrupted the Creation label at the time. Greeted with critical acclaim at the time, its reputation has only increased over the years.

The re-release comes in two versions, remastered by Shields, one of them taken from the original analogue tapes of the recording sessions. The process also made him go back and listen to the abandoned recordings for a third album that was never released, as he told Mojo.

"I listened to the stacks of CDs and thought: 'Sh*t, this is better than the unreleased tracks on the compilation.' I decided it would be insane not to finish it." He plans to release the finished album this year, before starting work on a brand new EP, while he’s in the mood.

"The myth is that I'm someone who really overworks things," he said, "but I'm not like that at all. It's just about recording when you feel good and capturing something as quickly as possible."

Jaded My Bloody Valentine fans will be expecting to hear the finished results around 2017 on past form. "If I've learned one thing about myself," Shields admits, "it's that I'm 100% incapable of knowing when things will happen."

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