My Slay

It's news that might give pause for thought to anyone about to attend an office party or wedding; karaoke singers giving it their all have been blamed for a spate of killings in the Philipines, with the finger pointed firmly towards crooner classic 'My Way'.

Rodolfo Gergorio, an amateur singer, told the New York Times The New York Times, 'The trouble with 'My Way' is that everyone knows it and everyone has an opinion. I used to like 'My Way', but after all the trouble I stopped singing it. You can get killed.'

As a result of half a dozen 'My Way' murders, karaoke bars have removed Old Blue Eyes from their songbooks. And this isn't the first time that karaoke has been blamed for murder; two years ago in Thailand a gunman shot dead eight people after they sang John Denver's 'Take Me Home, Country Roads'.

Think we'll stick to Girls Aloud...

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