MySpace launch rival to Spotify

With the rapid success of music streamer Spotify, previous web giant MySpace (remember it?) has launched its own imaginatively titled music service, MySpace Music.

The new platform has taken the model of Spotify: it has struck deals with all major labels, publishing companies and PRS to stream music for free; but an intriguing difference of MySpace Music is its added ability to stream videos (YouTube?) and download music.

And to launch MySpace Music in the UK (it’s already available is the US) indie stompers Kasabian played a small club show at Heaven in London last night, banging through tunes, ‘Fire’, Underdog’ and ‘Cut Off’.

‘MySpace Music is the number one music site in America and since we have launched in Australia and New Zealand we have seen double the engagement [than previously], so we believe this is going to be great for MySpace in the UK,' MySpace man Courtney Holt told BBC News.

MySpace Music is available in the UK from today, Thursday December 3rd.

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