Mysterious offer

Once upon a time hard case hip-hop mogul 50 Cent has offered his musical services to a never was pop star who goes by the name of Peter Andre, even suggesting that they re-record the irritating hit that made his name briefly in the mid-90s, Mysterious Girl. As yet we don’t understand why anyone with an ounce of musical credibilty would want to be seen publically with the man, let alone release a duet with him, but Fiddy obviously feels like he needs the money.

Having said that, 50 himself quickly went from cutting edge, underground force (‘How To Rob An Industry N****’ being a particular highlight) to a cartoon novelty act who looks like his own video game character, so maybe they’ve got more in common than you’d think.

‘It's like YMCA, one of those songs everybody knows,’ said Fiddy. ‘Girls like it and it gets them up dancing. It makes people feel happy, even if it is never going to win a Grammy.

‘Pete seems like a nice guy and maybe, with the right remix, we can get him a No1 in the US as well as Europe this time.’ Yeah, right you are.

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