N-Dubz Dappy kicked by horse: Dappy in hospital, horse to win Brit Award?

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N-Dubz Star Dappy was rushed to hospital last week after falling off a horse and getting kicked in the face. The rapper was riding in the grounds of his Hertfordshire home when the horse reared up, knocked him on the ground and ended up kicking him.

Despite Dappy’s injuries being quite serious, at least 2,000 people so far have been making fun of the incident by signing an online petition that would get the animal an award for its deeds.

The petition is calling for getting the horse the Outstanding Contribution to Music prize at next year's Brit Awards. It needs over 990,000 to gain approval, and is far from getting them, but it is nevertheless a clear sign that N-Dubz and Dappy are not the best loved rappers in the UK.

After being rushed to hospital on Wednesday , 27 November Dappy has been receiving treatment and he is reported to be recovering from the incident.

On 30 November the star posted a picture of himself and the horse on Twitter and tweeted: "This is the Biaaaatch that Bust me open! #LOL"

The picture seems to have been taken in the stable and features the rapper wearing an hilarious onesie while making cool gestures to the animal, which in turn looks quite puzzled.

Judging by the way the animal is looking at rapper and the state of the stable, visibly covered in filth, we can’t help thinking: Dappy, mate, couldn’t you see it coming?

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