Nadine Coyle needs Girls Aloud cash to pay tax bill

The Girls Aloud comeback began with an appearance on the BBC’s Children in Need, nicely timed to coincide with the release of the group’s new single. Nadine Coyle meanwhile, appears to be a Singer In Need after details emerged of her financial woes.

Coyle faces losing her Irish theme bar Nadine’s Irish Mist Pub & Grill in California after failing to pay the property taxes. The bar is $100,000 in arrears. Coyle’s father Niall would appear to be the culprit as he has run the bar while Nadine has been attempting to revive her singing career.

The Orange County treasurer Shari Freidenrich was quoted in The Sun. "They need to pay the entire balance including all penalties and interest to avoid a tax sale." The property is valued around $1 million, although that may fluctuate according to how much Guinness is left in the barrels.

The tax bill should not be a problem for Nadine once the Girls Aloud revenue starts to flow, although she may need to ask for a wages advance to stave off the LA bailiffs. Coyle’s business misadventures would indicate that, contrary to the popular adage, she is just a pretty face.

Bizarrely, her recent ambition was to start up a Starbucks franchise. It seems that while she was in the group for all those years, she had been secretly dreaming of whipping up skinny lattes for jaded hipsters. When that didn’t work out, she settled for a bar with a decent espresso machine. "I was going to invest in a Starbucks," she said. "I tried to do the franchise, but I opened a bar-restaurant in California and we do lots of different coffees. I have never worked harder in my entire life."

At least her father appears to have borrowed a few ideas from Starbucks’ business practices, if his reluctance to pay taxes is any indication.

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