Nah Fanks!

It was certainly the talking point of Glastonbury weekend but with the names like Jay-Z & Lady Gaga rumoured to be doing a duet with Beyonce during her headlining set, in the end the cameos were a little thin on the ground, with Brizzle’s trip-hopper Tricky being the only one to make a somewhat random appearance.

According to The Sun, the lack of surprise guests wasn’t because they weren’t asked, it was because they were bed bound after an eleventh hour dose of acute laryngitis, well that was Adele’s excuse anyway. ‘Adele was absolutely gutted, Beyonce is one of her big heroes,’ reports one of the newspaper’s uncollaborated sources, ‘it would have been the stuff of dreams to perform with her – the gig of her life. But docs have told her she's got to rest her voice or risk damaging her prize asset. She hopes one day they can do something together.’

Sounds like a dose of the ‘as ifs’ to us.

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