Naked Celeb news

You can’t beat a naked celeb story. Especially if there’s some sort of visual evidence you can ogle at for a solid pair of hours (just to make sure it’s them of course). Sadly this one hasn't reared up pics or vids...yet.

According to BBC entertainment US neo-soul singer Erykah Badu was shooting a music video for her forthcoming single ‘Window Seat’ in Dallas and was charged with disorderly conduct when she decided to get naked in the middle of the broad daylight.

In the video Badu recreates the assassination of John F Kennedy by walking down the famous boulevard before taking off her clothes and collapsing to the ground as if she’s been shot.

Badu can either fight the charge or pay the fine which is expected to be $500 (£328). Quite cheap considering the amount of PR the story is getting.

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