Naked Lady Gaga finds 35 monsters in her garage

Lady Gaga remains very tolerant of the obsessive behaviour of her fans. The Little Monsters, as she styles her followers, do seem to have some creepy stalking habits though, judging by Gaga’s tweeted reports of Thanksgiving in Peru.

According to her Twitter account, Lady Gaga had woken up in the night feeling peckish after failing to have her fill at the dinner table. She set out on a fridge raid, naked naturally, only to discover the garage was crammed with Little Monsters hoping for a glimpse of la Gaga.

"Stumbled on security camera revealing 35 monsters in my garage," she tweeted, not elaborating on why she had taken the trouble to count them. "I should be mad I guess except I tried to figure out how to slide stuffing under the door, but there's no cat-flap."

Gaga prides herself on her intimate relationship with her fans, and doesn’t like to play the diva, although she did chastise the fans for disturbing her sleep, in a vaguely incoherent tweet: "MONSTERFACT when gaga is asleep try to break into the garage, sing loud as possible, + ring the doorbell repeatedly #happening now #bad kids."

Where other stars might shriek in horror, alert the police or hire a cordon of security heavies to keep the fans at bay, Lady Gaga laughs off the intrusion and checks the fridge to see if there are any monster-friendly snacks.

Lady Gaga is on the South American leg of her Born This Way Ball tour. Her South American fans do seem to be particularly obsessive. In Brazil, loyal fans camped outside her hotel throughout her stay. She sent them burgers and fries, saying, "I love you monsters".

Her fans seem to be a little like stray cats. Gaga should realise that if she feeds them, they will just keep coming back.

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