Napalm Death's literally speaker shattering concert at London's V&A cancelled

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Famed death metal / thrash metal / diabolical grunt metal band Napalm Death have been forced to cancel their upcoming gig at London’s hallowed Victoria and Albert Museum.

The unlikeliest of bedfellows – the V&A and Napalm Death originally came together with the idea of a concert that would not only seek to juxtapose nihilistic, yet intelligent howling with strait laced Victorian splendor, but would conduct an intriguing experiment into the nature of sound and the possibilities of live performance.

Keith Harrison, the resident ceramicist at the South Kensington museum was going to construct a ceramic sound system for the band to play such virtuous and suitably Christian numbers as “Scum”, “Glimpse into Genocide” and “Mentally Murdered”. The idea was to see if they could hit the perfect storm of frequency and cause the clay based sound system to crack, fragment and ultimately disintegrate.

It would have been an intriguing installation on a number of levels, not least as a comment on the epehemeral nature of sound and emotion. It was due to take place this Friday in a disused gallery space about to undergo renovation. So not up amongst the artefacts then.

Sadly, at the very last minute, the museum announced that it had been forced to cancel the event after a safety inspection raised concerns over the potentially damaging effect such loud music could have on the both building and artwork.

In a spectacular irony, an event designed to cause destruction through bass was actually cancelled for the fear of causing destruction through bass.

Concern about the preservation and safety of the Victorian structure has been heightened in recent years with the advent of the ‘FuturePlan’, a multi-million pound modernisation scheme designed to bring the museum into the 21st century whilst retaining its original splendour. One has to admire the museum’s outside the box thinking for even agreeing to the concert in the first place, so one hope their future is bright.

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