There comes a time in your life when you finally have to admit you’re getting older, and that pop music is no longer for you. For this writer N-Dubz were the ones who finally signalled the end of the golden days, with their silly hats and cod R&B schlock, which rockets to the top of the charts every time, making everyone who doesn’t understand it feel like Victor Meldrew, who the young ‘uns won’t even have heard of. The end - it’s nigh!

Anyway, the bizarrely popular pop group have revealed that they will be releasing a line of dolls (of themselves obviously, not blow-up dolls or anything like that), in preparation for their new reality show. Which will probably be rubbish.

‘The TV show's gonna be very real,’ said bad-hatted Dappy on Capital FM. ‘Some people do a reality show when their music career is kind of finished but this will be more promotion for us. After this, we're going to bring out a whole bunch of new records, a bunch of new videos, new albums.’

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