N-Dubz lash out at Def Jam

N-Dubz main man Dappy has laid into hip hop titan Def Jam after they left the label, claiming that they wanted turn them into a bunch of 'pop tarts'.

The group signed with the label to try and break the US market, but left after deciding that they decided that were never going to agree or co-operate with their ideas. He also dismissed speculation that they were dropped following poor sales.

'They might say they've dropped us but we were never going to co-operate with them when they decided to change what we are,' said Dappy. 'If we had co-operated we would still be signed. But I stuck my finger up at them when they wanted us to make another TV show. Tulisa thought we should do it because we could make some money out of it, but I said no.

'For them to say they dropped us makes me angry because we just didn't want to change who we are or what we do. We're not just a silly bunch of pop tarts.'

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