N-Dubz step too far

Pedlers of rap for children, N Dubz have found themselves in trouble with the law after getting up to some high jinks with paint guns. The likely lads started taking pot shots at their fans, who were innocently queuing for their gig at the O2 centre.

A witness told The Sun: 'They were shooting wildly at the queue. They were firing green pellets at people - many of whose clothes were covered in paint by the time they had finished. They thought it was hilarious - but the police took a decidedly dimmer view.'

A source close to the dim pop stars said: 'Dappy and Fazer had gone into the town centre earlier that afternoon and bought five paint pellet guns. They didn't think they were doing any harm and Dappy had a frank exchange of views with one of the officers when they boarded the bus. After calming down he eventually saw sense and handed over the weapons.'

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