Neil Young news!

Any Neil Young fan knows that to be a true Neil Young fan is nigh on impossible: he has, without doubt the biggest musical back catalogue of any artist that has ever lived. To date he has sold something in the region of an incredible 97 albums. So depending on your bank balance this is either going to be good news or bad news, because he is set to release not one more but another four in one go.

The legendary singer-songwriter is set to release three albums which he recorded in the mid-70s but couldn’t release at the time. These include Homegrown’, ‘Oceanside-Countryside’ and ‘Chrome Dreams.’ He's also putting out a live album called ‘Odeon-Budokan Live’ which features backing band Crazy Horse.

The new collection will be called ‘Archives Volume 2’ – a follow-up to last year's ‘Archives Volume 1’. Who said it's quality rather than quantity eh?

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