Neil Young: Now Iver Suggestion

Bon Iver's frontman has revealed that legendary country singer Neil Young called him up recently to discuss the possibility of a future collaboration, the nme reports.

Justin Vernon has not yet confirmed whether the pair will definitely work together or not, but the ‘Skinny Love’ singer certainly appears open to the idea of working with other musicians. He explained: ‘Before, when I had other jobs or whatever, all I ever wanted to do was play music all of the time. So when anything comes along – a Peter Gabriel cover, or recording ‘Hadestown’ with Anaïs, it’s like yes! Of course!’.

He casually added : ‘And then you get tired, and you think, ‘Well, I’d better say no to everything from now on’. But then the Kanye [West] thing happens. Or… Neil Youngcalled two days ago, and I’m almost like, ‘Oh fuck’, because whatever he’s going say I’m going to want to deal with, you know?’

Who would be able to say no to Neil Young? Folk fans are already beside themselves with anticipation, let’s hope that there’s more to this than mere suggestion.

Bon Iver will release their eponymous follow-up to 2007’s ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’, on June 20th. If you can’t wait that long it is currently being streamed online.

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