New Beatles track poised for release

If you’re a fan of The Beatles experimental nonsensical song ‘Revolution No.9’, (and who isn’t) you’ll be pleased to hear that a nearly forgotten song from The Beatles Sgt. Pepper sessions looks set to be released, more than 40 years after it was originally recorded.

Talking to BBC Radio 4's Front Row, Paul McCartney revealed that the time has come for the 14-minute song 'Carnival Of Light’ to be heard:

"I like it because it's The Beatles free, going off piste. I said all I want you to do is just wander around all the stuff, bang it, shout, play it, it doesn't need to make any sense. Hit a drum then wander on to the piano, hit a few notes, just wander around. So that's what we did and then put a bit of an echo on it. It's very free."

In other related Beatles news an original UK mono pressing of The White Album, numbered 00000005 has appeared on auction site EBAY. You can bump up the price of what is considered to be one of the rarest records of all time by going on there and bidding.

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