New Cat Power album on its way

Cult singer songwriter Cat Power will delight her fans by releasing a new album in September. It has been four years since her last release, the 2008 covers collection Jukebox, and six years since her last collection of original material, The Greatest.

The last time she surfaced with new music was in Christmas 2011, with a charity single download called King Rides By. Cat Power, whose real name is Chan Marshall, is known to be something of a perfectionist, so the album, to be called Sun, was never going to be a rushed affair.

She has said that she wanted to concentrate on being a mother for a while, and didn’t want to jeopardise her personal life by devoting too much time to her career. She is in a relationship with actor Giovanni Ribisi.

The album might also have been slowed down by her determination to be in complete control and play every instrument on the record. "There's an inspiration in being furious that you want to achieve your goals," she said. "I think I was inspired by being disappointed in myself that I'd just been holding the microphone and I was disappointed in myself that I hadn't been playing an instrument."

For the new record she seems to have gone back to basics and re-examined the whole process of songwriting and recording. "I think I wanted to prove to myself that I could try to create a relationship with it again and feel like I felt close to it. It's definitely there and it's a need to play, but it hasn't been around."

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