New Eminem album leaks

It’s hard to remember what our shallow little lives were like before the internet; without it, where would needy testosterone teens get their mammary gland fix and, more importantly, where would illegal file sharers get to hear their favourite band’s new album weeks before it officially comes out?

Eminem has been a victim of illegal file sharing with his last two albums, both of which wewre leaked on the web early. Now it looks like he's on for the hat-trick after his long awaited 7th long player ‘Recovery’ reared its pretty little head on line yesterday. We’ve already heard the first single from the album ‘Not Afraid’ but if you can’t wait for the June 21st release date of the album then with some wise Googling you’ll be able to hear all 16 tracks from ‘Recovery’.

But remember, just say no to illegal downloading kids, no hang on, that’s drugs.

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