New Kasabian album hits shelves

Sometimes a band can sound too much like themselves; this is well and truly not a good thing. Bands like U2 and Coldplay very quickly exhausted a lot of their fans by releasing what feels like exactly the same songs every few years. (Are you ever NOT going to recognize the 'subtle' preachings and teachings of Bono disguised in songs?) Kasabian were this close to falling into this trap after their second album. Well luckily this hasn't happened and, being big fans of Kasabian, this was a huge relief.

Instead the band have continued with the electric indie styling but moved it in a different direction. Chris Edwards (bass) hits it bang on as usual with some massive bass riffage, forming the simple - but so effective - backbone of the Kasabian sound. Distinct vocals from Tom Meighan and Sergio Pizzorno coupled with some on point guitar and great drumming sections from Ian Mathews all add up to make this album a mighty release.

With songs like "Fast Fuse" and "Underdog" already getting an incredibly good reception, Kasabian are expanding their fan base to seismic proportions. Future release "Vlad The Impaler" has the potential to be a massive hit. If you haven't already bought / downloaded a copy of West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum, do.

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