New Libertune

Fans of trilbies and fedoras will no doubt be wetting their pants in excitement at the Libertines reunion at the Reading and Leeds festivals in August, with many of them having to decide whether it’ll be too hot to wear their skinny jeans or not. But can they get away with exposing their pasty white flesh to the vicious glare of the sunshine?

Which isn’t really the point of this piece at all, but you know, space to fill innit? The real story is that said trendies will be even more excited to hear that Carl Barat has written a new song to be played at the gigs, which is a sign that this might lead to something more, is it not?

‘The Libertines - we haven't done any preparation yet, apart from being in touch,’ said Barat to the NME. ‘I am sending Pete a song - actually I must email that today - maybe we'll do something with that.

‘We're going to rehearse before the gigs, obviously. It's all pretty natural. Generally it just comes together - you're starting to get me a bit worried now! Nah, it's going to be great.’

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