New Madonna tapes up for auction!

Now everyone knows that Madonna is hardly a shrinking violet, or averse to a bit of publicity that gives away a bit more than maybe should be given away. That said, surely not even a media hound like the Queen of Pop should have to have her own private – and slightly saucy – voicemails sold in an online auction, right?

Well tough, basically, because they’re going under the hammer, and expected to reach a whopping $40,000. The micro cassettes which have the messages on are from the answering machine that Jim Albright had around his house while he was doing naughty things with Madonna back in the 1990s.

But wait, it’s not only personal effects of still alive pop stars on sale, dead ones get the treatment too, with both Jimi Hendrix’s $1 performance contract – thought to be from 1965 – and Keith Moon’s drumsticks also up for sale at The Gotta Have It! Auction house. Check out the link below for more celebrity tat that you can’t afford.

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