New OK GO video

As Benjamin Franklin famously said: ‘In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes’. True but not accurate. He forgot to mention anything that features a Rube Goldberg machine = frickin awesome. Ever since Chicago indie band OK GO released their Grammy Award winning ‘Here It Goes Again’ video (viewed 50m times on YouTube) they have monopolised the great-pop-video market; so much so that the actual song they’re promoting becomes irrelevant.

‘This Too Shall Pass’ is their 2nd single from album ‘Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky’ and it’s an absolute crackerjack. It features a giant Rube Goldberg machine in an LA warehouse which operates in time with the song.

All done in a one take, sweeping Hitchcockian style that perfectly blends the audio with the visual. Thank god there were no mistakes. Take a look for yourself here...

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