New Radiohead album incoming

There are few moment in music these days that deserve genuine attention, but the news of Radiohead releasing an album is definitely one of them. Ever since their second album, The Bends (the first one was nothing to shout about except for Creep) in the mid 90s, the Oxford band have gone from strength to strength acquiring many admirers along the way.

After their groundbreaking albums OK Computer, Kid A and 2007’s excellent In Rainbows the boys have kept a low profile, all the while working on the next album. Now it looks like we'll soon be able to hear the fruits of those labours, and we can’t wait.

Their guitarist Ed O’Brien was on Adam Buxton’s BBC6 Music show at the weekend and confirmed there will be a new Radiohead album before the year is out: ‘We're in the heart of the record. It's genuinely exciting. It's very different from what we did last time. It’s really nice to be doing this. It's so good to be making music with the band that you feel is still as good as it's ever been.’

He added: ‘Ideally, it would be great if it came out sometime this year. It has got to. I hope so. We’re at the finishing line. When you're making a record, a film, writing a book for ages and ages you think the finishing line is miles away. Now it feels it's in touching distance. But of course, it being a creative process, at the last bit also, you have bursts of energy, you achieve a lot of things in a small period of time and then you’re nearly there… it might slow down. But yeah, hopefully it will be a matter of weeks.’

Exciting! We shall keep you posted.

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