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Fans of Justin Timberlake have been sent in a frenzy after a previously unheard song was leaked onto the internet, fuelling rumours that the star is about to relaunch his music career.

The former Disney Club presenter turned pop superstar has been on a long sabbatical from music making to concentrate on a film career, with roles in the critically-acclaimed The Social Network and children’s film Yogi Bear.

Although Timberlake recently admitted that he hopes to get his Sexy back back in the music game eventually, there are so far no plans to record another album.

The song, called Take You Down, featuring Timberlake on vocals, emerged online, according to MTV.com. It is as yet unknown if the track, reportedly produced by Pharrell Williams' The Neptunes, is meant to be a Timberlake release, or if it’s just a demo. Either way, it’s certainly whet the whistle.

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