Next Generation Gainsbourg

London-born Paris-raised Charlotte Gainsbourg recently raised a few eyebrows at Cannes Film Festival when she turned up in nothing but a black see-through dress to ‘cover’ her heavily pregnant body. The effortlessly charismatic actress and singer has now voiced her desire for her progeny; after that memorable first appearance she has admitted that she would be ‘thrilled’ if her offspring would carry on the family tradition of performing.

Multi-talented Gainsbourg, who inherited the coveted genes the of musician father Serge Gainsbourg and singer/actress mum Jane Birkin, said she 'would love for [her children] to do something creative of course and I would encourage it’, music-news reports.

The 5:55 singer continued, ‘I remember looking at my mother [Jane Birkin] who was always having fun and as a child you can feel that [...] It wouldn't be a surprise if my children wanted to do the same.'

Charlotte already has thirteen-year-old Ben and eight-year-old Alice with partner Yvan Attal- and they are currently expecting their third child. Here’s hoping at least one of them wants to be in the limelight!

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