Next up - Gouge Away!

Legendary indie-grunge rock band Pixies played a massive 35-song gig in Chile on Wednesday in honour of the 33 miners who were rescued, dedicating 33 of the songs to each of the miners and adding in a cheeky two-song encore to finish off. It’s probably just as well they didn’t play for them while they were still trapped; we can’t imagine that ‘Gouge Away’ would have gone down to well.

‘We were so moved by this story, by how many lives had been affected by this, and how the Chilean people banded together to support what can only be described as a miracle,’ said lead singer Black Francis. ‘We wanted to do something to show how affected we were by this, so we played a special set at tonight's show, 33 songs for the 33 miners, the longest set we've ever played as a band.

‘We found out five minutes before we went on stage that all of the miners had safely reached the surface. This was definitely one of the most meaningful show we've ever played.’

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