Nice F- Art Work

There’s nothing like a bit of controversy to give a band some nice free PR and hopefully help them sell a few more albums in the process. After much hoo-ha about the quality of the songs, the Scissor Sisters are about to release their long awaited 3rd long player ‘Night Work’. But before it's even had chance to hit download stores the album cover is already causing a bit of a stir because it features a close up of a bottom.

Talking to Digital Spy about the arse in question, guitarist Del Marquis said: ‘I knew that it would invoke different responses from different people. We're a love/hate band - people seem to either vehemently despise us or love us with all their hearts - and I see that cover provoking a similar response.'

He added: ‘the way someone reacts to it will tell you a lot about that person. People could view it with reactionary homophobia, or they could view it as camp, or high art, or something beautiful. It reminds me of the back of Sticky Fingers actually - it's a really classic-looking album cover.’

Well, we hear tickets for their upcoming UK tour aren't selling, maybe this will help.

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