Nicki Minaj controversy over use of Nazi symbolism in music video for new single Only

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The latest single from pop star Nicki Minaj has come under fire for its' extensive use of Nazi imagery and symbolism. The video for Only features animated images which very clearly take inspiration from Nazi Germany and therefore many people have spoken out on the controversial video.

Only also features Drake, Lil John and Chris Brown and the narrative of the music video revolves around the 4 main stars involved. Minaj plays a dictator who is in charge of a vast army and all are dressed in attire very akin to what the Nazis wore with a YM insignia replacing the Swastika on all the uniforms.

YM represents Young Money which is the record label Minaj is signed to. Buildings and vehicles are adorned with banners and flags bearing the YM insignia on a red background in a drizzle of Nazi imagery throughout the video. There has been no response as yet from the singer to the outpouring of outrage from the general public.

Twitter was filled with debate over the music video with one user, @ChavieLieber, saying "I guess Nicki Minaj's publicist forgot to tell her its not PC to dress up like Hitler & make a Nazi-themed music vid?". Another user, @@Karnythia, argued against the video definitely glorifying Nazism "So query, how did folks decide that Nicki Minaj video is Hitler based imagery & not Maoist, Stalinist, etc? Or comic/anime based?"

Minaj certainly seems to be building up a head of steam when it comes to publicity generated from her music videos. Her previous offering for the hit song Anaconda featured the singer giving rapper Drake a racy lap dance. It also featured the singer in a range of positions where she shakes her bum at the camera along with her fellow dancers.

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