Nine Inch Statues

He made his name with angry industrial rock, but Trent Reznor - the mastermind behind Nine Inch Nails - is now known for a whole other reason - he's an award-winning film score composer.

The rocker - who also wrote the original version of Johnny Cash's famous cover 'Hurt' - won the award at the Golden Globes at the weekend for Best Original Score for his soundtrack to the critically-acclaimed The Social Network.

Reznor, who used to rock a grungey look, surprised the audience with his clean-cut appearance. But he let his rocky side stand out with his tweet about the win, which said merely 'Holy ****!'

Reznor clearly enjoyed working with Social Network director David Fincher, as his next project is the director's next film, the American remake of the hit adaptation of the hit book (got that?) The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Not bad, considering at first he didn't want to do The Social Network in the first place...

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