Nirvana for X Factor?

Courtney Love is trying to close the chasm that separates Nirvana from the X Factor. She has tweeted Simon Cowell to suggest that the TV 'talent' show might be interested in featuring Nirvana music.

The bizarre idea seems to originate in Love discovering that X Factor singer Janet Devlin comes from Gortin in Northern Ireland, very close to the Cobain ancestral roots in Inishative. "She is from the same town as Kurt," Love tweeted to Cowell, enthusiastically if inaccurately. "I have the perfect idea for that. Call me babe."

It would seem the perfect idea to annoy Nirvana and Kurt Cobain loyalists. The idea of the X Factor offering saccharine renditions of In Bloom, Lithium or, more appropriately, Radio-Friendly Unit Shifter, would provoke outrage among the hardcore fans.

Which might be why Love, usually very protective of the rights to Nirvana’s back catalogue, which she has held since Cobain’s death in 1994, has suggested it. Never one to shy away from controversy when there’s the possibility of a delicious row, Love’s move seems designed to antagonise Nirvana fans.

She recently hurled a tirade of abuse at fans in Brazil who had the temerity to bring a picture of Kurt to her gig, yelling that they didn’t have to "live with his ghost and kid every day" and calling them "stupid and rude".

There is already an internet campaign to help Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit outsell the X Factor festive single. If Love’s idea comes to fruition, maybe the X Factor release could be a cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit, featuring Love and Cowell cackling with demonic glee.

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