Nirvana reform!

If someone told you Nirvana have reformed and the year was 2011 you’d think ‘Err, as if!!! Kurt Cobain’s dead, yeah?’ Well, they have reformed even if they’re minus their front man, lead singer, chief songwriter and beating heart behind the legendary grunge band.

Talking to the Guardian Dave Grohl (sticksman with Nirvana, now of the Foo Fighters parish) said remaining members of Nirvana; Grohl, Krist Novoselic and part-timer Pat Smear jammed together before a recent California show, blasting through the old hits for the first time in almost 20 years.

‘Krist is on bass. Pat's on guitar. I'm on drums’ Grohl told the newspaper, ‘And Chris says ‘You wanna run through some oldies?' Me and Pat look at each other. I mean, that's something I've never considered before. I was, like queasily, 'OK.'’

The trio then played an instrumental rendition of Nirvana's swansong ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit'. To be a fly on that wall...pfft...

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