NME Radio & TV axed

Fans of real music rather than plops of poo that roll off the Simon Cowell production line were dealt a serious blow last night after it was announced that the NME are to close two of their services – NME Radio and NME TV. Although both services receive relatively small audiences (approx. 200,000 combined), along with BBC 6 Music (itself with an axe hovering over it), it is a welcome outlet for new bands to showcase their music.

NME Radio is run by DX Media and was launched in 2008 as a sole internet radio station. It has since been available on Sky, Freesat and Virgin and picked up a prestigious Sony Award for its programming around the Channel 4 show Skins. NME's publishing director Paul Cheal said: ‘We have enjoyed a great working relationship with DX Media. We would like to thank them for all the excellent work that has gone into NME Radio.’

He added: ‘Meanwhile, we will continue to develop ways in which NME's audience can engage with both audio and visual content utilising our in-house studio facilities whilst maintaining an online music service via our award-winning music website NME.com’.

NME.com is busting with an impressive 4.2 million users every month and as such will be free of any cuts. However, it’s expected to be only a matter of time before the original NME paper folds - quite literally, too.

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