No Amnesty flyers for me or U2

Despite the do-gooding that seems to pour forth from the pseudo-evangelical doings of the Irish megastars U2, it seems that recently they've been keeping some strange bed-fellows with our friends in Ruskie-land, which may have resulted in several Amnesty International activists being held by Moscow's authorities at their recent gig.

Members of the charity, which appeals against human rights violations, were detained and prevented from handing out flyers at the event, NME reports.

However, during the concert, U2 were showing their support for another activist, appearing on stage with singer turned eco-activist Yuri Shevchuk, who recently protesting against Russian officials' decision to build a motorway through a forest area.

'Our activities were agreed with U2's management, so we are very much surprised, Amnesty International director Ivan Blokov told BBC News.'

With all the good will and protesting going on, it's a little hard to see the actual issues behind the over-sized Bono sunglasses.

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