No Doubt they're angry

Once famous pop/ska group No Doubt are taking legal action against producers of the computer game Band Hero to get their likenesses removed from the game. The band had originally signed a deal to have three of their songs performed on the game by characters bearing their resemblance, but Activision have reportedly failed to stick to this agreement.

Now their characters will be performing over 60 songs, with the band furious that a male voice will be coming out of Gwen Stefani’s character when singing classic songs recorded by male artists. The Rolling Stone’s Honky Tonk Woman has caused a particular stink, as it no means Stefani will be singing about having sex with prostitutes. As a result the band are seeking an injunction to stop unauthorised use of their name and likeness in the game, and they have also withdrawn their endorsement of the game.

‘While No Doubt are avid fans of The Rolling Stones and even have performed in concerts with The Rolling Stones, the Character Manipulation Feature results in an unauthorised performance by the Gwen Stefani avatar in a male voice choir boasting about having sex with prostitutes,’ say the court documents.

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